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Stick Lady and the Doomsday Plan!

Armed with a powerful new weapon, Mr. Stick is ready to strike back! But the only reason his plan isn’t completely insane is that he probably doesn’t have one.

Originally, there was going to be some explanation in this episode about what exactly the Doomsday Plan is, but that never quite made it into the script. I suppose I could have changed the title, but I still kind of like it.

Remastered in high definition!

I deliberately avoided taking creative writing classes throughout high school, despite spending most of my free time making up dumb stories. Possibly as a result, the stories I came up with tended to have somewhat questionable literary value.

Still, they were fun to make. And a couple of them stayed with me long after I’d moved on to more serious pursuits, nagging at me for a good ten years until some lazy afternoon on a holiday weekend when I decided to revive them for no reason. Hence, I give you a completely remastered re-release of Mr. Stick Saves the Universe!, now in 720p HD.