Remastered in high definition!

I deliberately avoided taking creative writing classes throughout high school, despite spending most of my free time making up dumb stories. Possibly as a result, the stories I came up with tended to have somewhat questionable literary value.

Still, they were fun to make. And a couple of them stayed with me long after I’d moved on to more serious pursuits, nagging at me for a good ten years until some lazy afternoon on a holiday weekend when I decided to revive them for no reason. Hence, I give you a completely remastered re-release of Mr. Stick Saves the Universe!, now in 720p HD.

Mr. Stick Saves the Universe!The Adventures of Mr. Stick!!! began as a series of animated GIFs back in some computer class back around the turn of the millennium, when animated GIFs weren’t just an Internet punchline and schools could justify wasting time teaching kids how to make them. I had already developed a tendency to co-0pt new software for the purpose of making silly stories — my first encounter with PowerPoint turned into a graphic novel about an alien invasion that is, probably fortunately, lost to history — so when I was instructed to make an animated GIF in class, the results were entirely predictable.

But The Adventures of Mr. Stick!!! was a little different, since I had a Mac at home and could track down the animation software in order to make even more adventures. So Mr. Stick got a sequel, followed by another, and another. Then I hit a patch of writers’ block, upgraded to Mac OS X, went to college, lost track of the animation software, and generally let the series lapse. The cliffhanger at the end of Episode 4, Mr. Stick and the Attack from Robotica!, went completely unresolved.

Until now.

Well, not right now, but soon. For whatever reason, I’ve finally decided to continue the story, and turn The Adventures of Mr. Stick!!! into an actual, proper series. Because, hey, I still think they’re fun.

Of course, a few things have changed since the series’ original release. Not only have I long since lost track of the program I used to make the original GIFs, but monitors have become so ridiculously large that I envision a not-too-distant future where you’ll need a magnifying glass to see the them. Which means that making a series that looks remotely acceptable by modern standards will mean recreating every frame in Photoshop and then rendering it in iMovie. Obviously I had no choice but to do that.

I’ll be holding myself to a weekly update schedule, with remastered versions of the next three original episodes on the 31st, the 7th and the 14th, followed by all-new adventures. Possibly I’ll also include more commentary about the series and the HD conversion process, because that would complete this whole silly endeavor.