Mr. Stick and Stickmania’s Revenge!

It’s time for Operation Doom, Mr. Stick’s plan to defeat the robots once and for all. His first task: Infiltrate the Evil Robot Fortress!

So I missed my Tuesday night deadline by a couple days for this one. The main problem was that I didn’t finish the script until this afternoon. I had a one-sentence summary of events — “Mr. Stick infiltrates the evil robot fortress” — that proved about as unhelpful as you’d imagine. For a while, I toyed with the idea of having Mr. Stick talk the lackey robot to death, by taking advantage of the Evil Robot King’s order to obey all orders and ordering the lackey robot to disobey an order. But it never quite came together.

I couldn’t even decide what to call this episode until the last minute. (The alternative was “Mr. Stick and Operation Doom!” and I even made a title card that displayed it that way. I made sure that Mr. Stick’s referenced both Operation Doom and Stickmania’s revenge in the script, to make up for last week.

Since Episode 6 was visually pretty tame, I wanted our reintroduction to the Evil Robot Fortress to be at least mildly impressive. The result of that was that by Tuesday night, I had finished the opening sequence and Mr. Stick teleporting onto the platform, and basically none of the dialogue.

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